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Full-Service Management

We offer all the services needed for you to operate a successful rental property.

Tenant Applications

We screen each tenant and make sure to match your property with the highest quality of tenants.

Large Coverage‏

We offer property management services in Greater Moncton and surrounding areas!

Maintenance & Repair

Our team is ready to assist with any of your maintenance or repair needs. From broken windows to deck repair, we can do it all.

Painting Services

Our staff can help you retain that new apartment look with a fresh coat of paint.

Snow Removal

We offer annual snow removal services that are charged 50% in November and the remaining 50% in February.


We offer landscaping services to keep your property in the best condition possible in order to maintain top rental rates.


Our staff can handle any cleaning required between tenants and remove any garbage leftover.

Lawn Care

We offer lawn care services to keep your property's lawn in great condition.


Our marketing specialist will craft attractive ads for your apartment(s) and optimize to improve the application rate.

Home Inspection

Our team offers professional home inspection services to help you when buying or selling a property.

Licensed Realtor®

Our in-house Licensed Realtor® can assist you with buying or selling a property.

On-Time Rent Collection

We handle all collections and will manage any late payments or returned payments to ensure consistent cash flow.

Emergency Services

We are available for emergency service calls for anything that might happen to your property (fire, water, etc.).

Regulations & Local Laws

We will assist you with navigating local regulations and laws in order to properly operate your rental property.


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